My Wellness Warriors
My Wellness Warriors

Here is the Wellness Warriors booth on February 26 at the 2015 Health Expo in Panama City Beach, Florida. It was held at the Edgewater Beach Resort Conference Center. We had a terrific time meeting scores of people and discussing their important and varied health issues. We were able to give out over 700 pages of research articles and donated three books on weight management. It was also exciting to dialog with many fellow professionals about their views on staying healthy and sharing our disease prevention research. .. Bill Zahler

This is our Wellness Warriors table at the inaugural 2015 ‘FSU Veterans Club Fit Run’ at the Panama City campus. We had a great time talking with Navy divers, local firemen, a group of martial artists, and many folks who were just interested in their health. We served 1 ½ gallons of our ‘Wellness Warriors superior sport drink,’ and gave out our 2014 update article on Athletes Health. It was a privilege to be a sponsor for this event.

So, here we are at Florida State University for the annual Council on Aging Caregivers Conference. We talked with many people who are attending to Alzheimer’s patients and to others with a variety of disabilities. It was a delight dialoguing with these people and also making contacts for our ongoing, growing ministry. We gave out hundreds of pages of research materials and donated four books including ‘the hallelujah diet,’ ‘eat to live,’ and ‘forks over knives.’ We find ourselves praying for more and more people as we receive specific prayer requests from these caregivers. Fortunately, we are learning more and more about the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. bz

I recently had the opportunity of attending a six session cooking school at the North Bay Seventh-day Adventist church in Southport Florida. This was a productive, enlightening, and fun experience! These folks have insights about healthy living, food selection and food preparation that set a great example for everyone. Here’s a photo of some of the food we prepared one evening. November 10,2015, WZ

Wellness Warriorr booth at the October 26, 2014 First Baptist Church Panama City annual Fall Festival. Gave out 2 crock pots of our 'anticancer soup', ~ 100 articles, and had a drawing for 2 'Forks Over Knives' DVDs and 2 of Dr Dean Ornish's book 'Eat more, Weigh Less' ... wz

Here is our Wellness Warriors booth at the September 12, 2014 Alzheimer's Caregivers Conference at FSU. Met some great people, gave out 200 research articles about Alzheimer's disease, and had a drawing for Dr. Neal Barnard's new book, 'Power Foods for the Brain.'

Here is Bill Z completing the 25K at Torreya State Park on April 5, 2014. Fell on a slippery bridge at ~ mile 12. A very challenging course! I have great respect for those 20 folks who completed the 50K ultra; they are 'superior athletes' in my view.

Bill's 2012 Mitsubishi I MIEV all electric vehicle

'50 Miles For Steve'

This exciting event was in support of Steve Powell, a wonderful man who has been diagnosed with ALS; Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is often referred to as Lou Gehrig\'s Disease, and is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain . This event was a fundraiser to raise money for the ALS Association, and to raise awareness about the ALS disease.

So, the runner for the 50 Miles was a great soldier, Josh Smith, who is currently stationed in New York and who is a close friend of Steve Powell; Josh has had four tours in Iraq and recently returned from Afghanistan. He is a dedicated soldier, a platoon leader, a consummate athlete, and a personal trainer who is very involved in the elite 'CrossFit' training program. He ran the 50 miles from Panama City beach to Fort Walton Beach in 12 hours on Saturday, December 21, 2013.

The humidity during the initial 20 miles of the run was taxing but later it was breezy and 65 to 72°. Josh had many runners who paced him during this ultra-distance run, a group of motivated, high energy, devoted friends .. We finished the last 5 miles of the race on the beach and it was quite dark during the last hour; we were very fortunate to be escorted by two police vehicles on the beach that provided light for us ..wz

So, here are Jim and Sonya Mabery at the Red Fish Half Marathon in Panama City Beach, Florida on December 7, 2013; they 'Ran For God' ...hooah. This was their first time at 13.1 mile distance and they both did great! They be rockin now ...

And here is Wellness Warriors at the 2013 Fall Festival at First Baptist Church Panama City, Florida on October 27, Got to talk with many interested people and served our 'Anticancer,' Vegetable/Bean soup.

So, Here are 5 athletic 'Run For God' ladies who ran the 2013 10K Tricker Trek at Conservation Park in Panama City Beach, Florida on Oct 26, 2013. Weather was perfect. course was fast and beautiful. Five calorie burnin, happy ladies!

Here is Sonya Mabery and her 2 'Soul Sisters' Running For God on October 5, 2013 at the 'Pink Up Your Run 10K' in Port St Joe, Florida. This event was a fund raiser for Breast Cancer prevention and treatment. BTW, these 3 ladies/girls) (Vangie Sponseller, Sonya Mabery and Rene Cooley) are proud members of First Baptist Church, Panama City, Florida ... and are dedicated athletes!

Here are some of the 49 swimmers at the July 13, 2013 Annual Deerpoint Lake One Mile Swim sponsored by the Panhandle Runners and Triathletes Club. Weather was perfect, everyone was safe and the food rocked!

So, Heart Attack is so prevalent in our society that we have billboards advertising ER wait times. This adds to normalization of the disease ... wz

Bill Z finishing the Earth Day 5 K on April 20, 2013 in Panama City, Fl ... Much fun!

This is Joe Edgecombe and his infamous cart that he uses for multiple purposes. Don't believe his story about this cart. He actually had it flown in from Saigon and you may frequently see Joe eating noodles, chewing betel nut, and peddling rapidly down Route 231 on the way to work pulling this little cart. His life has been greatly enriched with this little cart ... :) wz

Great time at Red Fish Half with Jonathan Ferrell; Representing Team 413!

Now here is a real dynamic trio!

Left to right: Mandi Ellison, Michelle Waldrip, Carlie Cole from First Baptist Church Panama City, Florida. Just ran the Princess Half Marathon at Disney on February 24, 2013. These ladies are burnin calories, having fun and setting a great example.

Here is Kerry and Joe Holt at the 2013 Disney Marathon... a couple of winning wunners!

This billboard in Pensacola, Florida provides some great advice! It says " For Guidance ... Our Leaders Need To Pray To God!"

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