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Wellness Warriors Seminars


Introduction: The seminar format provides a forum where we can interact face-to-face and communicate spontaneously and forthrightly. Online learning, innovations such as Skype, and video clips do not provide the same level of communication.


Wellness Warriors offers seminars free of charge in the Florida Panhandle to groups of five or more people; there is no upper limit to group size. These educational events are offered to the medical community, schools, churches, private businesses, and athletes. Those interested only need to contact me and arrange a location that can accommodate the group and our media equipment. Our seminars are 45 minutes to 5 hours in length.


1.Open Forum – Nutrition and Related Issues’:Many people have specific questions about healthy nutrition that can be discussed in a group setting where ideas can be shared and where we can focus on responding to the interests and nutritional challenges of the participants. ( 1-3 hours)


2.‘Weight Control : Discusses some of the nutritional interventions in correcting overweight conditions


3.‘Exercise: It Ain’t Optional’: Provides a review of the impediments to, benefits of, and some of the physiological aspects of physical activity; Q and A also.


4. Longest Lived and Healthiest People: Describes some of the healthiest diets and life practices from around the world


5. Runners/Athletes Update: Discusses athletes’ nutritional needs and other principles for optimizing performance. Includes some of the practices of successful endurance athletes


6. Optimal Nutrition:An overview of key nutrition guidelines that optimize health


7.Food Selection and Preparation: This is an important discussion about which foods need to be included in an optimal diet, which foods are to be avoided, and some specifics about food preparation. Time permitting, will present some interesting recipes.


8.Nutrition and Chronic Disease: Discusses some of the nutritional predispositions to heart disease, cancer, Type 2 diabetes and other medical conditions


9. Cooking Class: Will prepare 1-2 dishes that are listed under 'Recipes,' discuss food preparation and food selection.


10. 'Cancer Prevention':Discusses several of the primary prevention issues including environmental toxins, the food we eat, genetics, and people groups who do not have cancer pertaining to cancer onset


11. ' Stroke: A Research Update' : Reviews several recent recearch findings about stroke prevention

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